Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting ready to go...
Ominous clouds? No, more like ominous lack of wind....
Safe landing!

Okay, I felt like posting...first time in a long, long time! Went fishing in early September....with a friend with a are a few shots from that experience! This one is a shot of our camp from the air...the white one, with a green roof!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Okay, so much for posting more often. Stay tuned, more to come in the near future.....



Monday, February 16, 2009

Every man needs a "Castle". These three photos all show my "floating castle" in a few different poses, but my castle, nonetheless. All you need to come on the castle, is a care-free attitude, and a few drinks.....
Another particular focus of my camera lens, despite not having the proper equipment, is close-up photos of nature, and in particuar, wild flowers. A few to showcase below....

Okay, back to one of my favourite subjects.....Light. Light, in many, many different forms. Here is light in relation to the water, in either early morning (what was I doing STILL up?) or a traditional sunset.

Hey, what are you doing?Watch it.. Holy Shit...

I said ".........."

Cat Fight Anyone? No, not what you think. This is Betty (the cat) and Indy (the dog) who really actually like each other, but have to pretend for a bit. Just like 13 year old!

A few nice shots. The first one, is the classic Cessna 185, a workhorse of the north. This particular plane, c-gdw, belongs to Robbie Walton. Check out his top of the line fly-in lodge,, for a fantastic fishing experience.
The second photo, which I may have posted already, features a plane from Horne Air, picking up passengers on their way to Kay Vee Lodge. Check out for great outpost packages. I love the mist in this photo, it really captures what bush flying is in the early days of summer.
The last set of photos are a Beaver belonging to Forde Lake Air Services ( My daughter and I decided to fish one early morning, which also happened to be a "turn around day" for local lodges. Where we settled ourselves also happened to be very close to where the planes returned from their various outposts and lodges. In the early moments of the flight returning, it appeared as if they were going to land right on us, but Russ (Victoria Air Maintenance) and Crystal are accomplished pilots and there was nothing to worry about.

I like to shoot things that fly. Birds and airplanes. Above, is a shot of a seagull, at Katherine Cove along Lake Superior. Not spectacular, but they show what a bird by a big body of water is all about!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of the previous two, four months later.....

Getting late. Have to add a few of these. If you are a lady and looking at this blog, prepare to say something along the lines of: "awwww, so cute"

Gentlemen, wait for further photos, so you can say "this is what cute turns into". Many levels of thought on that one. Here are a few shots that capture wild youth in some of its finest moments.

The previous sequence would not be the same, without a:

"What are you looking at?" or, "Are you talking to me? I just wanna know if you are talking to me?"

Easy enough to be brave when you are between 400 and 500 KGS!

Boy, I feel sorry for you southerners. Running up and and down the 400, 401, traffic galore, etc, etc, etc. Gotta love it in the North! Open highways, no stop lights, little traffic, fewer OPP on the road.

Oh yeah, sometimes, in the spring when the sun is up at 5:30 and does not go down until 10 PM, if you are travelling, you can make good time......Even speed up a bit. However, imagine running your fine-tuned machine (whatever it may be) around a curve at a speed that would get an impounding in the south, and lo-behold Bullwinkle decides to make like a chicken, and cross the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ road in front of you....... A few shots to show what we call fun in Northern Ontario.


Ever play Peek-A-Boo with a bear? I did. Notice the slim piece of grass in his (her?) mouth. Thankfully, that was all that ended up in that bruin's mouth.....


Ted, you have put a bug in my ear, and I have decided to post a few more shots! No great commentary on any of them, but just some shots I like!

This shot was taken in March of 08, as our cruise ship entered the harbour in Puerto Rico. It was absolutely stunning and the photo only shows a bit of it.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

One more for now. Getting late. Upload screwing up. Will add more in a few days.


Okay, it is summer. I do sunset shots during summer. One of these days, I will go to a different angle on the lake, but for now, here are a few shots for the "sunset" post.

Friday, August 10, 2007

We noticed some eggs in a nest next door. Before I even had a chance to shoot the eggs, boom, they hatched. Attached is the best photo of the chicks, looking for food. As soon as you moved a branch, they all stuck up their beaks looking for mama's treats!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Words not necessary. South of Wawa. Reality of life on a northern highway. Remnants of the umbilical cord still evident.